How to Heat Your Home for Less

Think a ceiling fan is nothing more than a decorative dust collector during these cold winter months? Then it’s time to revisit the subject.  Because when it’s operated in reverse, or clockwise, a ceiling fan can help make your home feel warmer and save you as much as 15% on your home heating costs.

Since warm air rises, your thermostat doesn’t register all the warm air that ends up trapped near your ceiling.  As a result, you need to set the thermostat higher for ideal comfort levels in the spaces you occupy. That’s where your ceiling fans comes into play, provided you have the type that can rotate clockwise with the simple flip of a switch.  Once you do that, the fan blades will push warm air from the loftier reaches of that room down to wear you can enjoy the benefit of the heat that, until that moment, was doing you no good at all.

Even if you have separate thermostats for each level of your home (assuming you have a two-story home), you’ve probably noticed that the lower level feel cooler than the rooms upstairs. Well, now you don’t have to crank up the heat downstairs to compensate for the discrepancy.  Instead, install a ceiling at the top of the landing or right nearby to help push warm downstairs to where you can benefit from the boost.

Come summer time, switch the blades to run in their normal counter clockwise rotation and enjoy the added feeling of “cool”.  Winter or summer, you’ll also enjoy paying less for your conditioned air.

For more ideas on how to heat and cool your home for less, contact the indoor comfort specialists at Precision Air & Heat today.  From annual preventative maintenance to high quality repairs and new system installation, we offer everything it takes to help you and your family enjoy maximum indoor comfort, around the clock.